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Once There Were Six Seasons
May 22—June 7
Salvage Vanguard Theater

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Once There Were Six Seasons

May 22—June 7, 2014
Thursdays—Saturdays, 8pm; Sundays, 6pm
Salvage Vanguard Theater
Tickets - $12-20
Available online

Pay-what-you-can: Sunday, May 25th

Visit our Upcoming page to see a video with scenes from last year's workshop production.

Thank you for calling The Help Center. Our Agent will talk you through the system as it currently functions, and guide you through the changes that are coming, changes that include violent storms over shifting coastlines and communities, challenges to agricultural cultures and the options and adaptations that will enable us to go forward into the near and far future.

There will be polar upheavals and migratory alterations affecting flocks, villages, herds and families. Humans and animals will cross vast landscapes and arrive at unprecedented destinations. And through it all, our Agents will guide you, suggesting perspectives and enacting the revolutions and evolutions of the natural world.

Stay on the line.

Once There Were Six Seasons is an interaction of human performers with manipulated landscapes, miniature puppets, and environmental forces. The show re-imagines objects and textiles, from string and paper to recycled Styrofoam packing shapes, as rainclouds and river valleys, mine workers, polar bears, and islands sinking into the sea.

It observes the ripple effects of changes in migratory patterns, population surges and decreases, and other natural phenomena; it follows those ripple effects into a near, and a far future, one that includes rebirths, dead ends, and adaptations throughout the natural world.

From B. Iden Payne award-winning director and writer Caroline Reck (FupDuck, The Orchid Flotilla, Simple Sundries), with an award-winning cast of puppeteer/performers: Connor Hopkins, Rommel Sulit, Noel Gaulin, Gricelda Silva, Kim Turner, and Katy Taylor; and award-wining designers Eliot Haynes & Stephen Pruitt.

This production is supported by The Jim Henson Foundation and The City of Austin Cultural Arts Division.

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