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  • The Six Seasons
    January — February 2015
    Public run: Jan. 24 — 31
    Kleberg Stage, ZACH Scott

  • Simple Sundries
    February 27—March 14
    Salvage Vanguard Theater

  • Cenicienta
    April 17—May 29
    Kleberg Stage, ZACH Scott

Up Next:

Simple Sundries

February 27 — March 14
Salvage Vanguard Theater
Tickets: Available Online

SPECIAL EVENT: On Saturday March 7th, show creator Caroline Reck will perform the role of Constance ONE NIGHT ONLY, adapting the storyline to accommodate her 8.5 month pregnant frame.

Special ticket prices available for return viewers who want to see the adapted version. Email boxoffice@glasshalffulltheatre.com for details on special prices.

A Note from the Creators: This show explores, among other themes, the displacement that is currently affecting many communities within Austin. The show is set in East Austin, a place where longtime residents, particularly members of Latino and African American communities, have and continue to lose their homes, business, and community spaces due to gentrification.

As white individuals who are not originally from Austin, nor directly impacted, it is not our intent to speak for or represent these communities’ perspectives. This piece is in part a rumination on what it means to simultaneously be an agent of these changes while expressing concern for what our city is becoming. We welcome feedback and dialogue about this play and the process of creating it.

-Parker Dority and Caroline Reck

Simple Sundries is a new comedy featuring Glass Half Full's unique blend of puppetry and live performance. The story centers on a budding entrepreneur named Constance, recently arrived in Austin in search of a more Authentic Lifestyle.

Her plans to open an extravagant sundries shop in Austin are thwarted by the former residents of her recently flipped bungalow, namely a colony of monk parakeets who have other plans for their longtime home. A comic exploration of Austin’s current economic explosion and what happens to those who were already here, using puppets and physical comedy.

Conceived and written by Caroline Reck and Parker Dority. Directed by Caroline Reck. Featuring performances by Gricelda Silva, Parker Dority, Caroline Reck, and voice actor Chris Gibson. Sound design by Eliot Haynes, Lights by Stephen Pruitt, Props by Julia M. Smith, Puppets by Caroline Reck and Parker Dority, & costumes by Lucie Cunningham. This show was originally workshopped at The Austin Puppet Incident in 2013.

This production has been generously funded by The Creative Fund's Q Rental Subsidy Grant program. The Creative Fund is a funding mechanism that provides much needed support to local performing artists enabling them to further their creative endeavors.


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