• Missionary Position Pt 2
    Pleasure Journeys for the Intrepid Lady Explorer
    September 10—26, 2015
    Salvage Vanguard Theater

  • Peter and the Wolf
    A co-production with Mother Falcon and Lionheart Theatre
    December 8—13, 2015
    State Theater, Austin, TX

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The Missionary Position: Pleasure Journeys for the
Intrepid Lady Explorer - Part 2

September 10-26, Thursdays-Sundays
Salvage Vanguard Theater
2803 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78722

Tickets: Available Online or at the door
Sliding Scale $12-25

Amelia Weatherbeaten (Caroline Reck) and Eleanor Dangerbottom (Cami Alys) are Victorian-era Lady Explorers and Spokeswomen for Hartman’s Hygenic Towellettes for Ladies, the first commercially available menstrual products for women. They travel around the world at the turn of the century (yes, the penultimate turn of the century), hocking their products and lecturing hilariously on topics of interest to the Society of Learned Ladies, Where Ladies Share Knowledge with Ladies. (That’s you.)

They have arrived with their collection of travel curios to set you straight on what you thought you didn't think you needed to know. Part P.T. Barnum sideshow, part Victorian Geographical Salon, these ladies will offer a seat at their table but you won’t stay in it for long. Anticipate a raucous, interactive, inventive evening that kicks the stuffing out of stuffy, um, “period” theater.

Caroline Reck, Director/ Writer winner of multiple B Iden Payne & Austin Critic’s Table awards for Writing and Direction) has teamed up with Cami Alys (Intergalactic Nemesis) to devise this original series featuring themselves as the ladies, with Jay Byrd (September 10th – 20th) and Rudy Ramirez (September 24th-26th) as the Grande Dames of the Society for Learned Ladies. Sound by K. Eliot Haynes, Lighting by Stephen Pruit, Costumes provided by Pam Friday.

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